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For the most part, employers offer at-will employment. This type of employment gives employers the freedom to fire employees for any legal reason, at any time. There are some circumstances, however, when a person is not considered an at-will employee. To know if your employment is at will, you need to take a look at your contract.

Some contractual agreements that show you are not an at-will employee include:

  • A term is set for the amount of time you will be employed
  • A list of limited circumstances under which you can be fired
  • Penalties for ending the contract early

Other Contractual Violations

Another form of contractual violation is when the employer acts against an implied contract. Implied contracts, while not signed by the employer or the employee, are policy and procedure documents that reasonably apply to the employee.

Some examples of implied contract breaches:

  • An employer does not give the employee proper notice as outlined in their termination procedures
  • An employer fires an employee in a way that differs from their standard practice or their written procedures

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If an employer has violated a contract – implied or written – you may be entitled to damages, including financial compensation for lost wages and benefits. In order to make your case, you will need to produce documentation of both the contractual agreement and the employer’s violation of that agreement. If you are trying to prove that an implied contract was violated, you have a difficult task ahead of you. Enlisting the assistance of a Hartford contract violation lawyer will be invaluable. The team at Zayas Law Firm is committed to pursuing compensation for employees who have been wrongfully terminated.

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