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Most companies will have you sign an at-will employment agreement, which affords the employer a lot of freedom when it comes to firing employees. However, at-will employment does not allow companies to fire employees who acted within their rights. Federal and Connecticut laws have been put in place to prevent employers from wrongfully terminating employees.

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How Does the Law Protect Me?

Employees are afforded certain legal rights to refuse working in hazardous conditions and to report their employer for unsafe conditions, illegal activity, or unethical practices. If they are fired under these circumstances, that should be considered wrongful termination. The protection offered by state and federal law falls into two main categories:

  • Common Law Protections: When the termination of an employee violates public policy. Protected actions that may lead to a wrongful termination include filing for workers’ compensation, refusing to work in an unsafe environment, or exposing fraud.
  • Statutory Protections: When the termination of an employee follows protected actions – usually associated with whistleblower or retaliatory discharge. Protected actions that may lead to a wrongful termination include reporting violations, serving on an investigatory board, or testifying against the employer.

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