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Special Protection for Whistleblowers in Connecticut

Zayas Law Firm is here to offer legal counsel and representation to those who stand up to corporate greed, employer wrongdoing, and any government injustice. Our Hartford attorneys are here to protect whistleblower rights and help them receive restitution in the form of financial compensation. Exposing fraudulent acts takes courage; despite this, a whistleblower will still need special protection from retaliation against those opposing them.

Are You a Whistleblower?

A whistleblower reports fraudulent or illegal activities that a business, corporation, or a government entity is performing. These individuals often have insider information, either as employees and sometimes even as supervisors or those in an executive role. Whistleblower cases, also known as “qui tam,” were established to provide legal protection to those who have brought forth cases against an entity.

We can represent cases that involve:

  • Government abuse
  • Corporate fraud or greed
  • Reports of discrimination or harassment at work
  • Filing complaints against a government agency or entity
  • Offering testimony to law enforcement

An individual who had ties with the company is now placed in a precarious position and will need guidance from a professional Hartford employment lawyer to ensure that the case that their case is smoothly resolved. High-profile and prominent whistleblower cases often involve private companies and government agencies, centered around fraud, health or code violations, corruption, and any other actions that can post a threat to the general public.

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As Hartford employment lawyers, we are proud to represent whistleblower cases throughout the State of Connecticut. Whistleblowers are a necessity, which is to ensure that government entities and businesses are operating with ethical standards. At the Zayas Law Firm, we have more than 44 years of experience serving clients with quality, attentive legal representation. We believe in justice, and do everything in our power to ensure that it is delivered.

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