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In the United States, people suffer injuries and illnesses caused by defect products every year. Product liability cases aim to hold either the manufacturers, designers, or companies liable for their negligence.

Fortunately, consumers can take steps to protect themselves and their families. By learning which products are the most commonly defective and how to stay informed about recalls, you can prevent suffering injuries from such products.

The following are several of the most common defective products in the United States:

  • Auto parts – Auto manufacturers owe consumers a duty of care to design and make their vehicles in such a fashion that guarantees the safety of the driver, passengers, and pedestrians. Automakers and auto part manufacturers are often named as defendants in product liability claims involving automobiles. Common defective auto parts include airbags, brakes, tires, seat belts, doors, etc.
  • Pharmaceuticals – Drug manufacturers must adhere to the manufacturing, advertising, and selling regulations by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Additionally, manufacturers are also responsible for alerting doctors and consumers of all of a particular drug’s side effects. Despite following all the rules, they can still be held liable for defective pharmaceuticals.
  • Medical products – Medical devices are also regulated by the FDA. Common faulty medical products include hip replacements, knee implants, NuvaRings, and defective transvaginal mesh implants.
  • Machinery and tools – Defective mechanical equipment result in a high volume of injuries and fatalities every year. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides guidelines for equipment specifications, which are not only restricted to powered tools, but also regular equipment—such as ladders and stairways—around the workplace as well.
  • Chemicals – Even common household chemicals—typically used for cleaning—are sometimes harmful. If you were injured by a dangerous chemical, you must prove that the product’s manufacturer or vendor had previous knowledge or should have had prior knowledge of the product’s side effects of proper use.
  • Toys – Many toys are released to the public before manufacturers and retailers discover that they actually pose a danger to the health and safety of children.

So before you decide to purchase a product, stay up to date on recalls by regularly reviewing government websites such as and If you suffered an injury caused by a defective product in Connecticut, request a free consultation with our Hartford personal injury attorneys at Zayas Law Firm today.

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