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Both state and federal laws have been established to protect workers from employer discrimination, at least in theory. However, in practice, employers can use seemingly legal methods to weed out employees on the basis of their racial or ethnic backgrounds. If it happens to you, it may constitute grounds for a discrimination lawsuit.

In one recent example from November, six Amazon delivery truck drivers filed suit against their former employer in Suffolk Superior Court. Although these workers do not currently allege any on-site workplace discrimination, they argue that they were fired as a direct result of changes to Amazon’s background check policy.

The new policy, which went into effect in late 2016, resulted in the mass firing of more than 40 Boston delivery drivers. Most of these drivers were black and Latino, and civil rights advocates and attorneys noted that policies like these frequently reflect existing racial bias in the criminal justice system.

Standing Up to Employer Discrimination

The plaintiff’s lawyers argue that by creating a “zero tolerance” policy even for very minor past offenses, Amazon reinforced decades-long discrimination against drivers of color, and should be held accountable for terminating their employees. While it remains to be seen if the court agrees with them, it should come as little surprise that employer tactics such as background check policies and pay investigations can often further the problem of discrimination.

If you suspect that racial discrimination contributed to your termination, there’s little time to lose. Our skilled Hartford employment law attorney at Zayas Law Firm can investigate the details of your case and provide the aggressive advocacy you need. You could have a legitimate claim to back pay, damages, or other forms of compensation in the wake of your wrongful termination. With 35 years of experience and Spanish-speaking services provided 24/7, our team can represent you when you’ve suffered a loss after discrimination.

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