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pedestrian cross walk

Pedestrian accidents involving motor vehicles often result in catastrophic and fatal injuries since pedestrians do not have the same amount of protection as drivers. Motorists are obligated to obey traffic laws and exercise reasonable care whenever they are behind the wheel. Failure to do so can result in devastating accidents, especially when pedestrians are the victims. 

The following are the most common causes of pedestrian accidents involving vehicles: 

  • Reckless drivers – Speeding, driving too fast for conditions, ignoring traffic signs and signals, and other reckless driving behaviors can often lead to a pedestrian accident. Motorists who do not watch out for pedestrians or do not obey traffic laws at crosswalks can be hazardous to pedestrians. 

  • Impatient drivers – In general, pedestrians have the right of way. Even if a pedestrian does not see a vehicle before crossing the street, he/she still maintains the right of way. Drivers who are impatient or in a hurry do not look out for pedestrians or attempt to drive around them, which can be dangerous. 

  • Distracted drivers – In recent years, texting while driving has become one of the most common causes of car accidents in the United States. When a driver is focused on texting while driving, he/she may not have enough time to look up to see a pedestrian crossing the street and properly stop. 

  • Impaired drivers – Drunk or drugged drivers are a danger to everyone on the road, especially pedestrians. When a person is intoxicated, his/her reaction times, judgment, and motor skills are significantly impaired. An impaired driver can easily miss seeing a pedestrian, particularly at night or when the weather is poor. 

  • Drivers making left turns – Even though crosswalks have signals, drivers may still fail to pay attention to them. Pedestrians legally crossing intersections are always at risk of being struck by a car making a left-hand turn. 

  • Drivers backing up – Typically occurring at people’s homes and in parking lots, a driver may back up their vehicle and accidentally hit someone. In addition, a motorist driving in reverse may even run over a child he/she cannot see. 

Remember, pedestrians may also be at fault for such accidents. Common examples of pedestrian negligence include walking while looking at their cellphone and even recklessness (e.g., disobeying traffic signals or jaywalking). 

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