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woman riding a bicycle in the spring time

Now that winter is nearing an end, the longer days and warmer weather of the spring season are just around the corner. Fortunately, this means the roads will no longer be covered in snow or ice. 

While most drivers believe better weather and road conditions make driving much safer, you can never let your guard down whenever you are behind the wheel. Springtime can present its own set of driving hazards. 

Be mindful of the following springtime driving hazards: 

  • Rain – Spring showers not only bring beautiful flowers, but such rainfall can also make the roads slick and slippery, as well as reduce visibility. Ensure your windshield wipers and headlights are in good condition. When driving in the rain, drive slowly and give other vehicles more space, providing you with more time to stop under sleek road conditions. 

  • Sun glare – While nothing beats a sunny day, the sun itself can temporarily blind drivers long enough to cause a car accident. Sun glare is most prominent during sunrise and sunset because the sun is directly in a driver’s line of sight when it is low on the horizon. Always keep a pair of polarized sunglasses in your car and keep your windshield clean. 

  • Potholes – Heavy wear and tear on the road, further induced by heavy snowplows paired with road salt during the winter season can create potholes. Driving over deep potholes can result in serious damage to your tires, rims, suspension, and steering system. Potholes filled with water can be deceiving to drivers. Whether you are approaching a pothole or puddle of water, gently press on the brakes in a controlled manner to reduce the impact of driving over the pothole while retaining control of your vehicle. 

  • An increased presence of motorcycles and bicycles – Warmer weather also brings more bikers and cyclists on the road. Drivers can have trouble seeing motorcycles and bicycles because of the reduced profile of these vehicles in comparison to cars and trucks. The best way to avoid being involved in a crash with a biker or cyclist is by paying close attention to the road, always checking your surroundings before turning and changing lanes, and avoiding any distractions while driving. 

  • More children playing outside – After spending months inside during the winter, most children cannot wait to get outside and play. When driving in a residential area, be on the lookout for any children playing nearby. Be prepared to brake or swerve out of the way of kids who enter the road without warning. 

  • Increased wildlife activity – Many animals hibernate throughout the cold winter months. When spring arrives, those animals begin searching for food and mating. Increased animal activity means all types of creatures will likely cross or occupy roads. Use extreme caution when driving through wooded areas and adhere to wildlife crossing signs. Keep in mind, many animals are more active during dawn and dusk. 

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