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In the harsh winter months here in Connecticut, slip and fall accidents are alarmingly common. While these accidents can occur year-round for a variety of reasons, the risk is exponentially increased when sidewalks and other pathways are covered in snow or ice. In Connecticut, there are a variety of local ordinances which dictate a property owner’s obligation to clear these pathways and make them reasonably safe.

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Hartford Ice/Snow Removal Requirements

According to Section 31-145 of the Hartford Municipal Code, responsible parties must remove ice, or add sand/similar substance to a sidewalk covered with ice within six hours after it appears. Alternatively, these agents may remove offending ice within three hours of sunrise.

This will be the responsibility of the following parties:

  • the property owner
  • the tenant
  • an occupant
  • other agent of the premises

East Hartford Ice Removal Requirements

In East Hartford, it is the property owner, agent of the owner, or an occupant of the property who must remove snow, sleet, ice, and other debris. These parties have up to eight hours to remove the offending ice, snow, and sleet after they appear or after sunrise, but must remove other obstructions immediately. When it is impractical to remove ice or snow, it must be covered with sand or salt to provide proper traction for passers-by.

Holding Negligent Property Owners Liable

These are just a few of the ordinances governing snow and ice removal, but nearly every municipality in the state has their own version of this law. When businesses and other property owners fail to make sidewalks safe, innocent people may suffer serious, life-altering injuries.

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