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An intentional tort is a purposeful act done by one person or party that causes harm to another person. Whether the act committed is an injury or results in death, intentional torts are difficult to prove but important to prosecute. These charges can be tried in civil court and settled with financial compensation or could be prosecuted as crimes by local, state, or even federal authorities. Our experienced Hartford personal injury attorneys at Zayas Law Firm can help you understand the nuances of these cases and help you determine the best possible plan of action to take.

Zayas Law Firm has represented clients filing intentional tort cases involving:

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Our firm has represented clients injured by acts such as assault and battery, violation of civil rights and work place intentional injuries. If you think you have an intentional tort case, you can trust our firm to aggressively fight for your rights. We are proud of our commitment to advocate for our clients' best interests like we have done for decades. We will take as much time as possible to listen to the details of your case and develop the strongest strategy for you as possible.

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If you are the victim of intentional torts, our firm will be on your side every step of the way until the successful resolution of your case. We are available 24/7 and ready to represent you as we seek the compensation you are owed. We offer a free consultation for every case and have weekend and evening appointments available for your convenience.

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