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In most workplaces, employees can trust that, as long they do their job and contribute to the well-being of their company, they will not be terminated by their employer. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and many employees find themselves the victim of prohibited practices that should be accounted for under law. When this occurs, an employee has been wrongfully terminated.

If you believe that you were wrongfully terminated from your job, it is advised that you seek the counsel of a proven Hartford employment lawyer immediately. At Zayas Law Firm, our employment law attorney is prepared to ensure that, following your wrongful termination, you receive every consideration afforded to you under the law.

Your former employer does not need to have the final word on this matter. Call our firm today to start exploring your legal options.

Types of Wrongful Termination Claims

Employees can be wrongfully terminated in a number of different ways. Employment agreements between employers and employees vary across our workforce, but in almost all of these agreements, there is the opportunity for employers to act inappropriately and wrongfully fire one of their workers.

Wrongful termination claims typically involve:

If you believe that your claim falls into one of the above categories, then you could be entitled to compensation from your former employer. The first step is to contact Zayas Law Firm today. Our team is ready to assess your options and, if necessary, aggressively pursue the recognition and relief you deserve for this wrongdoing.

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