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The issue of nursing home neglect is gaining more attention throughout the United States. Nursing home neglect occurs when residents do not get the care or attention that they need. From helping residents eat to assisting with their mobility issues, it is the legal duty of nursing home staff to provide the care that their residents need. When these facilities fail in their duties, the person who is being neglected can end up suffering major physical and psychological damage. Below, we explain what to do if you suspect or spot nursing home neglect.

Document and Take Note of Violations

If you suspect that your loved one is being neglected by their nursing home’s staff, immediately ask them about their situation. Sometimes, residents know that they have been neglected but are reluctant to report it. Sometimes their reluctance is caused by fear or abuse from the staff, while other times it can be caused by a misplaced sense of loyalty.

If you encounter nursing home staff who refuses to allow visits, delays visits, or refuses to leave you alone in the room with the resident, immediately speak with the home’s supervisor and take note of how they handle your complaint. Make sure to follow up on your complaint and document any conversations you have. You should call the police if you feel the resident’s life is in danger.

Speak With an Attorney

Employees in nursing homes have a legal obligation to care for their residents and are required to report any abuse they have witnessed. They must also report abuse that they suspect is occurring in the nursing home too. Administrators, supervisors, licensed staff, care custodians, and employees of adult protective services are all held to this responsibility and can face legal repercussions when they fail to report nursing home neglect.

Do you suspect your loved one is experiencing nursing home neglect? Contact our Hartford team of nursing home neglect attorneys to learn how we can help you today.

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