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No matter where you are, winter changes the way you drive. Accidents increase in frequency and intensity due to intense weather conditions, in addition to the influx of holidays, celebrations, and reasons for drinking. This is why it is important you consider various precautions prior to getting on the road this winter, as taking preventative steps may very well save your life, as well as the lives of others.

Consider the following safety tips for winter weather driving:

  • Accelerate and decelerate slowly, as sudden stops and starts will react badly with wet services in instances of snow, hail, or rain. You must also be careful when making turns.
  • Drive slower than you normally would in adequate driving conditions.
  • Do not use cruise control when it is rainy or snowy.
  • The holidays often take place during the winter months, meaning you’ll likely be taking trips or drives to spend time with your friends, family, or loved ones. Designate a driver in instances in which you will be having a drink, or otherwise use Uber or Lyft.
  • Keep your distance from other vehicles, more so than you regularly would.

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