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From semi-trucks and tractor-trailers, truck accidents are often catastrophic and devastating because of the massive size and weight of commercial trucks compared to non-commercial vehicles, like passenger cars. Additionally, truck accident claims and lawsuits are more complex because more than one party can be held legally responsible for causing the collision. 

The following are some of the common parties who may be liable for causing a truck accident: 

  • Truck driver – Most truck accidents are only caused by the person operating the commercial truck. Truckers may violate traffic laws, drive while distracted or fatigued, drive under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, or fail to properly inspect their vehicle prior to embarking on their trip. 

  • Trucking company – Carriers that hire a truck driver may also be held responsible. Some circumstances that may result in holding a trucking company liable for a crash include negligent hiring, training, and supervision, saving costs by failing to properly inspect and maintain vehicles, and pressuring drivers to bypass hours of service (HOS) regulations to complete the job faster and increase profits. 

  • Truck and parts manufacturer – If a truck accident is caused by a defective part or vehicle, then the truck and parts manufacturer, distributor, and/or retailer may be at fault. Common malfunctioning components include steering mechanisms, brakes, hydraulic systems, couplings, hitches, and tires. 

  • Cargo loader and shipper – Trucking companies may work as contractors to ship and load cargo for other carriers. If cargo is incorrectly loaded or secured onto a truck, the cargo may either shift or spill, leading to a serious accident. Furthermore, overloading a truck and surpassing the federal weight regulations may make operating the vehicle more difficult and hazardous, leading to a collision. 

If you have been injured in a truck accident in Connecticut, look no further than Zayas Law Firm to thoroughly investigate the collision, gather and examine the evidence, and determine which parties contributed to your injuries and losses. Do not hesitate to get experienced and personalized legal representation immediately! 

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