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Road in Winter Conditions

Winter Driving Hazards

Connecticut winters can present a danger to drivers for a variety of reasons. Motorists should always be prepared for these winter hazards to stay safe on the road. From icy patches to limited visibility, here are some of the most common winter driving hazards:

Slippery Roads & Icy Patches

One of the biggest winter driving dangers is slippery roads or icy patches caused by snowfall or freezing rain. Snow and ice make it harder for your tires to grip the road, so braking can become difficult even when traveling at a slow speed.

To avoid skidding, drive slowly and give yourself plenty of time to stop or turn. It's also important to stay alert and look out for potential icy patches on otherwise dry roads.

Limited Visibility

Another danger during winter months is low visibility due to heavy snowfall or fog. Heavy snowfall can reduce visibility significantly, making it hard to spot other cars or obstacles in your path.

If you encounter heavy snowfall while on the road, make sure that your headlights are turned on and keep an eye out for any other vehicles around you. It's also important to keep your windshield clean in order to have a clear view of the road ahead.

Adverse Weather Conditions

Winter weather often brings strong winds and extremely cold temperatures which can lead to dangerous driving conditions such as black ice or blowing snow drifts that could obscure your vision. When facing adverse weather conditions like this, remain aware of your surroundings so that you can respond quickly if necessary. You should also make sure that all of your car’s windows are properly closed in order to keep any wind gusts from obstructing your view while driving.

Additional Winter Driving Safety Tips

While accidents can still happen because of negligent roadway conditions or the reckless driving of other parties, drivers can take steps to protect themselves while driving. Here are a few additional safety tips concerning driving in the winter:

Conduct a Vehicle Safety Check

The first step to staying safe on the roads during winter weather is making sure your vehicle is prepared for cold temperatures and icy conditions. Make sure that your tires are properly inflated and that they have sufficient tread depth so that they will grip the road even when covered in snow or ice.

In addition, check your brakes and make sure they are functioning optimally so that when you hit those icy patches, your car won’t skid out of control. Finally, check all of your lights to make sure they are working properly so other drivers can see you at night or in bad weather (including snow squalls).

Avoid Speeding

Once your car is ready for winter driving, it is important to adjust your own behavior while behind the wheel as well. First and foremost, slow down. Even if there isn’t any snow or ice on the road yet, you shouldn’t speed as going fast can affect your ability to react in time; any sudden stops or turns could cause an accident due to low traction on wet pavement.

Do Not Tailgate

Also, be sure to keep a safe distance from other vehicles; this will give you more time to stop if needed without rear-ending them. And don’t forget about giving yourself extra travel time - winter weather often causes delays due to low visibility or hazardous road conditions.

Remain Aware & Drive Defensively

Finally, being aware of your own driving habits and vehicle maintenance needs during winter weather months can help you avoid an accident; it is important to pay attention to other drivers as well. If someone around you appears to be driving erratically or recklessly due to icy roads or low visibility, give them more space than normal and try not to get too close until they pass by.

Injured in a Winter Driving Accident? Contact Us!

Taking precautions while driving during winter months is essential in order to ensure everyone’s safety on the roadways. Be mindful of common winter hazards such as icy patches, limited visibility, and adverse weather conditions that may arise during cold seasons so that you can properly prepare yourself if they were ever encountered while driving. If you find yourself injured by another driver’s negligence during wintertime, contact our personal injury attorneys right away so that we may help protect your rights and advise you of your legal options.

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