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Because many dogs are cute and cuddly, it can be easy for us to forget that ALL dogs bite. Even though some dogs might be significantly smaller than others, their canine jaws can still tear into your flesh. When it comes to bigger dogs, their bites can potentially cause broken bones and severe skin lacerations.

Sadly, children are usually bitten by dogs more than anyone else. In fact, roughly half of all children experience a dog bite by the time they turn 12. Boys between the ages of 5 and 9 actually have the highest risk for being bitten by a dog. Most of these bites are the result of inappropriate interactions between children and their family pet. With all of this in mind, we explain what you can do to prevent a dog attack.

Tip #1: Respect a Dog’s Space

Be wary of the spaces that dogs tend to frequently inhabit. You should never approach, touch, or play with any dog who is sleeping or eating. Interactions that unintentionally threaten a dog’s space often result in dog attacks.

Tip #2: Look for the Warning Signs of a Bite

It is important to learn how to read the body language of a dog to pick up if they are tense, afraid, or anxious. These signs can inform you about potential danger. Signs of an aggressive dog include:

  • Stiff Tail
  • Ears are Flattened Back
  • Body is Tense
  • Flicking Tongue
  • Licking Lips
  • Starring
  • Growling
  • Showing Teeth

Tip #3: Avoid Dogs That Are Chained Up

If you encounter a dog tethered to a chain, it is usually a good indicator that their behavior can’t be trusted. After all, how often do you encounter a well behaved dog on a chain? Some municipalities have actually made it illegal to chain up a dog because it can end up making them more aggressive because they feel they cannot escape.

Tip #4: Evade an Aggressive Dog, But Don’t Run Away

If you come upon a dog that looks like it might attack you, slowly step back into a safe area that will put a barrier between you and the animal. Whatever you do, do not try to run away from the dog. Dogs have a natural instinct to chase their prey, so running will only trigger this instinct. Instead, you should stand still, lower your head, and look directly at your feet until the dog leaves or help arrives.

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