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When you’ve been injured in a serious car accident, the last thing on your mind may be proving that the other driver was at-fault in a court of law. However, if you need to seek compensation for your injuries, that’s exactly what you’ll have to do.

The concept of “fault” in a motor vehicle accident can vary from state to state, but in Connecticut, the party who is found responsible for the accident will be held financially liable for your injuries. Here at Zayas Law Firm, our Hartford car accident team can examine the details of your case and help you prove that the other party was negligent.

Defining Negligence in a Car Accident Case

When a driver fails to act with a reasonable degree of care towards other drivers on the road, this is known as “negligence” under the law. Because all vehicle drivers are required to carry a driver’s license and understand the rules of the road, virtually any action that violates these rules can be considered negligence — whether it’s talking on a cell phone or running a red light.

However, although most states rely on the concept of negligence in car accident cases, not all of them apply this principle in the same way. In Connecticut, courts use the system of “modified comparative negligence,” which means that the injury victim (or plaintiff) can recover damages even if they were partially at fault in the accident. As long as the other party or parties take 51% or more of the blame, you can receive compensation.

How Can You Prove Fault?

Of course, it’s often much easier to prove fault in theory than in principle. Even if the 51% threshold allows plaintiffs some room to breathe in recounting the events of the accident, it’s still critical that you demonstrate how the other parties were responsible. It’s also unlikely that the other drivers will simply agree to take the appropriate share of fault. Disputes are most common in cases when multiple vehicles collide, but no matter your specific circumstances, you need to be ready with the right evidence.

Here are some of the things you should gather, with the help of an attorney:

  • Testimonies from eyewitnesses (including your own)
  • Photographic evidence of your injuries, the accident, and your vehicle’s damages
  • Expert testimony from a medical professional or accident expert
  • Traffic or police vest camera recordings (if available)
  • Traffic and citation records related to the accident
  • Full and complete police report on the collision

Available 24/7 to Answer Your Questions

At Zayas Law Firm, we pride ourselves on delivering a high level of customer satisfaction, and ensuring that you understand all the phases of your Hartford car accident case. With more than 50 years of legal experience, you can trust that we’ll thoroughly investigate what happened and show exactly how liability lands.

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