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Tort vs. Crime

Intentional tort” is a legal term that describes when a person injures another person through an intended action. Although the harm may not necessarily be intentional, these cases differ from other personal injury cases in which negligence is the cause.

Cases of intentional tort may focus on actions that are criminal actions. In some cases, the subject of an intentional tort case may also be tried in a criminal court. However, both cases will involve different processes and result in different outcomes.

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What Is an Intentional Tort?

Intentional tort cases focus on situations in which a purposeful act has caused harm to another person.

This may include incidents:

If a crime like assault is the focus of an intentional tort case, the same incident may be the focus of a criminal case as well.

How Does an Intentional Tort Case Differ from Criminal Proceedings?

Intentional Tort Cases

Although an intentional tort case and a criminal case may focus on the same incident, these are two different types of legal proceedings. Intentional torts are civil cases, in which the goal is to recover compensation for the plaintiff.

The defendant in an intentional tort case may be required to pay punitive damages, but this is not as common as the payment of compensation for the plaintiff’s:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • And non-economic damages

Criminal Cases

Conversely, the aim of criminal cases is to uphold the law and punish the perpetrator for their actions. Although both types of cases aim to hold the at-fault party accountable in some way, intentional torts do not have the same direct consequences that criminal cases do.

A person who is charged with a crime may face:

  • Financial penalties
  • Jail time
  • Community service
  • And other criminal consequences

The outcome of an intentional tort case or criminal case may not affect the other, even if they are focused on the same incident.

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